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Caked at Sal's by bakerman70
Caked at Sal's
Jay talked his date from the ball into going to Sal's. He said how much he wanted to see "some idiot get pied by a chick" which often occurs there. And so later at Sal's they had a chocolate cake all set for someone's face, but no suitable victims/volunteers. Jay's date then suggested she push his face into the cake. Jay had no idea he'd end up being the "idiot" that night.
Commission:Les Malheurs de Sophie III by bakerman70
Commission:Les Malheurs de Sophie III
This was commissioned by jackyshow - thanks, jackyshow!
This is another cartoon based on the 80s/90s French show Club Dorothée There was a game on this show where if a caller knew enough manga, it would get one of the cast members pied.
I think most of the French here is similar to English, but the last frame means teasing and the phrase near the title is a French Proverb saying that if you like someone, you tease him/her, too.
Commission:Everyone Loves a Clown,So Why Don't You by bakerman70
Commission:Everyone Loves a Clown,So Why Don't You
This was commissioned by :iconnihilist78: - thanks, nihilist78! The clown make-up and costume design he wanted me to use is that of a Mexican clown named Pixi, I believe, not to be confused with another spelt P-i-x-i-e:
Tutor Gets Seduced IV by bakerman70
Tutor Gets Seduced IV
College girl gets her tutor in a leglock. He may actually be able to get out, but is more struggling to resist her.
Park by bakerman70
This is a woman who likes to get dolled up and then worshipped occasionally. When she went for a walk at the park, she sat on a bench, and then told her date to kiss her feet.
Edited 2014.10.09 - positioning of the feet sometimes mess me up and I'll give the woman two of the same feet. Not that you would, but if you share this or post elsewhere, I'd appreciate you using the updated picture.

I feel should credit reference that initially inspired me. I have nothing really to do with this channel, so if you go to it, please be respectful:…; I know it's not identical, wasn't looking to make a carbon copy.


Hi, I've been using the pen name, Bakerman, but you can also call me John. I love getting pies in the face from beautiful women, and I love drawing pictures about it.
I thought I should give this writer a shout. He not only gave me a kind, insightful review, but also does excellent work. If you'd like to go to his website:

Also, sorry if I uploaded too many drawings during this update. I had idea overload.:P



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CrimsonNose Featured By Owner Edited 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Whoa, amazing artwork! Great illustration style and concepts!
Gaah love everything! :)
bakerman70 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Hey, thanks, my friend. I appreciate you dropping by.( ̄▽ ̄)
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bakerman70 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
No problem. Superb work, my friend.( '⌣' )/
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Thanks for the faves!
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Thanx for the fave.
bakerman70 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014
My pleasure.
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bakerman70 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014
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